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Genis, Alan P.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Solid state electronics; Field-effect transistors


During the summer of 1986, the first field effect transistors were built. These transistors were enhancement mode NMOS single layer aluminum gate FETs. Using this technology simple logic gates could be fabricated. But with the demand for greater complexity and density, multiple interconnect layers and smaller device geometries are needed. Given limited fabrication facilities, the only course of action available is to develop multilevel interconnect technology. But, three processes have to be developed before this can happen. First, the aluminum interconnects must be replaced with a metal silicide that can withstand post processing temperatures. Second, an interlayer dielectric system must be added to isolate the individual layers. Finally, a self aligned via system must be employed to decrease topography. It was the purpose of this study to develop a self aligned via process using the metal liftoff technique. This process will benefit the industry in general because the process does not need a selective etch step or a reactive ion etch step, nor does it use toxic chemicals.


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