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Crank, Floyd L.||Stehr, B. W.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Business Education


Typewriting--Study and teaching


Purpose: To develop a unit of materials in practice set form incorporating typewriting, filing, and problem solving situations for use within a three-week segment of the secretarial practice classes of Thornton Township High School, Harvey, Illinois. Procedure: 1. Masters theses based on follow-up studies and surveys of business were examined to determine the common duties performed by secretaries and the areas the employers felt were being neglected by the schools in their training of beginning office workers. 2. Commercially prepared and published practice sets were examined for their content. 3. A series of jobs were developed that incorporated the performance of the most commonly performed duties. 4. The jobs were sequenced to provide the student with simulated experiences needed to develop the desired competencies. 5. The materials were prepared in practice set form that could be duplicated and used in a secretarial office practice class. 6. A method of assigning grades was determined. The practice set consists of three parts. Part I is a handbook of information for the student. It contains samples of the forms that will be used by the student and information about the type of business for which the student will be preparing materials. It is designed to answer most of the questions the student may have. Part II contains the directions and copy for the assignments. The areas covered in the assignments are: application blank; letter to type from prewritten paragraphs, from longhand, and letters to compose; 3x5 cards to type, file, and tabulate; interoffice memorandums to type from rough drafts; checks to figure and type; receipts to fill in; forms to complete in longhand; purchase orders; and a lease to copy. Part III contains the letterheads, forms, and cards needed to complete the above. The carbon paper, second sheets, and blank white paper are not included. A system of grading was devised based on the amount of work completed by the student at the conclusion of the three week assignment period. The work would be given a grade only if it was acceptable. Unacceptable work would be redone or corrected until it was acceptable. No credit would be awarded for unacceptably completed work.


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