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Stroup, Francis, 1909-||Black, Darrel

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Batting (Baseball)


It was the purpose of this study to construct and to test the objectivity, reliability, and validity of a rating scale used for evaluating the basic fundamentals of batting a baseball. One-hundred baseball players, ages nine through fifteen, from Dundee, Illinois, and vicinity wore observed and rated by three raters. Observations and ratings began during the month of June, 1963. The subjects wore observed, and rated during regularly scheduled league games. Fifty subjects played, in the Babe Ruth league, while the other fifty participated at the Little league level. Each boy was rated twice on a three-point scale for each of the nine items selected on the basis of expert opinion. Criteria consisted of numerical ratings and seasonal batting averages. Statistical treatments included were Pearson coefficients of correlation, multiple coefficients of correlation, and t-ratios. From inspection, it was concluded, that rating scale items #4 (stride) mid #7 (hips) were the poet reliable and valid of the nine fundamentals selected, for predicting batting ability Items #1 (grip) and #3 (arms) were the least related to batting ability. Generally speaking, the reliability of the rating scale as a whole was moderate (.67). Lastly, the low validity coefficient (.38) presumably means that to place complete reliance upon the rating scale as an exacting predictive instrument for evaluating batting ability would be precarious however, it should be remembered that this instrument is only an alleged tool for evaluating hitting ability, therefore, when used as such, its usage is merited.


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