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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Information retrieval--Computer programs; Information storage and retrieval systems--Mathematical models; Database design; Database management


Databases are of enormous importance to all the fields which keep track of the past happenings and act on them. Such importance for databases has led to the evolution of connectivity standards to databases from any front-end application. Open database connectivity (ODBC) is one such connectivity standard which works in both desktop and client/server architectures. This thesis explores how connectivity within ODBC works against two data sources, one nonrelational and unindexed, the other relational and indexed. In this thesis, an algorithm (programming model) is proposed to overcome the shortcomings of data retrieval from an unindexed flat file with ODBC. Data retrieval with ODBC from an unindexed database is a concern because of its slow speed. The algorithm provides an interface between the indexed and unindexed databases, thereby enabling data retrieval from the indexed database rather than the unindexed database, which accounts for increase in speed. One other aspect that has been focused on in this thesis is the development of a utility function that copies data from the unindexed database to an indexed database. The functionality provided by the utility function in the proposed programming model is very crucial to the improvement of data retrieval speed.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [77]-78)


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