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Prediction of scholastic success


The State of Illinois requires that a candidate for the high school diploma oust hava one credit in mathematics. In most high schools of this state, this credit is obtainable by taking either a year of general mathematics or a year of elementary algebra. Very little is done, however, in determining which of these two courses a student should take. As a consequence, often a student is enrolled in Algebra I and he is not capable of mastering the subject. The problem, than, of whether or not the student should receive credit arises. Often a student is damaged more by withholding the credit than he is by issuing the credit even though he is not proficient in the subject. This is pointed out by Reinoehl as follows: "The loss often incurred by non-promotion is tremendous, to the child it is serious indeed. In place of being successful and happy, to which he is entitled, he is apt to become emotionally unstable and stunted in normal growth. It costs doubly to educate repeaters, and the effect of their presence in class on those much younger is socially undesirable."


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