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Steg, Paul O., 1919-1995

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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Department of Music


Computer music


A digital computer has been used in the production of ink drawings which may be used as a stimulus for musical performance. This document contains theoretical support for such a method of composition, a descrip­tion of the procedure used for musical realization, and an analysis of a computer program that produced some of the drawings. One of the most important theoretical bases of this project is the assumption that an amalgamation of randomness and order can exist. Through the use of a quasi-random number generator included in the com­puter programs to determine the specific characteristics of the drawing, and through the influence of the composer’s general stipulations, the author has obtained computer drawings that reflect the interaction of randomness and order in such a way that the drawings may be distin­guished as variants of a single system. It is possible for a performer to use these drawings as a stimulus for a musical realization in which the premises influencing the inter­pretation parallels the premises that produced the drawing. Since the drawings suggest only formal contexts, it is probable that each indi­vidual interpretation of any one of them will result in a musical varia­tion of previous interpretations. This thesis also contains photographic reductions of the drawings which are the products of the project described herein.


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