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Flynn, Joseph E., Jr.

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations


Educational leadership; Instructional systems--Design


This study examined the perspectives of teachers, counselors, and administrators with a focus on interdisciplinary instruction. Minimal research exists that examines the various stakeholders' perspectives on the value and implementation of interdisciplinary instruction. While many case studies have been researched from teachers' perspectives on interdisciplinary instruction, there has been minimal research on the various stakeholders' perspectives responsible for the implementation of the framework. Questions addressed by this study involve how teachers, counselors, and administrators perceive the framework of interdisciplinarity. Additionally, background experiences, curriculum and instruction insight, and educational viewpoints were discussed. The study involved a three-part interview series to explore experiences and perceptions of interdisciplinarity. This case study was conducted on three teachers, three counselors, and three administrators who have been in the educational field for over five years and identified as instrumental in the implementation and sustainability of interdisciplinary instruction. The setting is a highly successful suburban high school that has an informed disciplinary curriculum and has applied interdisciplinary teaching to the curriculum. Through these interviews, themes emerged between participants, and seven emergent themes were identified. The findings revealed important factors that contribute to the implementation of interdisciplinary instruction and the importance of an aligned informed disciplinary curriculum. Findings further indicate a need for policy infrastructures to support an informed disciplinary curriculum and the implementation of interdisciplinary instruction. The study also outlined several recommendations that address the greater implication for the field and includes issues surrounding leadership, educational change, and curriculum and instruction.


Advisors: Joseph Flynn.||Committee members: Laura R. Johnson; Marc VanOverbeke.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


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