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Malecki, Christine K.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Psychology


Adolescent psychology; Depression in adolescence; Bullying in schools; Academic achievement


The current study examined the associations among peer victimization, psychological distress, social support, and academic achievement outcomes in a middle school sample. Specifically, the current study investigated how social support and depression influence the association between relational aggression and academic achievement. These findings aimed to address a significant gap in our understanding of how peer victimization interferes with students' academic achievement. Analyses were conducted utilizing a total sample of 471 middle school students that were part of an all-school evaluation that occurred in May, 2014. Results indicated that depression and social support mediated the association between relational victimization and academic achievement. In sum, this study supports previous research and theory in the roles of depression and social support, but also included some unexpected patterns and new information regarding how depression and social support, together, impact the association of relational victimization and academic achievement. Limitations, implications, and future directions are discussed.


Advisors: Christine Malecki.||Committee members: Michelle Demaray; Vinita Menon; Nina Mounts; Julia Ogg; Kelly Summers.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


viii, 127 pages




Northern Illinois University

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