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Logue, William, 1934-

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of History


Germany--Foreign relations--Great Britain; Great Britain--Foreign relations--Germany


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Anglo- German alliance negotiations of 1901 and to analyze its failure. This will be done through a careful sifting of the British and German documents, as well as the memoirs and correspondence of men who were close to the problem. The paper will consist of three chapters: The background years of 1898, 1899, and 1900 are briefly surveyed to provide the necessary perspective. The main body will trace the exchanges of the British and German Foreign Offices from March to December, 1901. The conclusion will discuss the relative culpability of the British and German leaders, as well as the more vital problem of the fundamental divergence of national interests. Neither country was willing to sacrifice what it considered its national security in a lasting alliance, and the negotiations of 1901 were, therefore, stillborn. What is more significant for the historian, however, is the legacy of distrust and recrimination which both the leadership and populace of each country shared. This fund of hatred, abetted by an irresponsible press, repeatedly sabotaged attempts by both countries in the following thirteen years to heal the wounds and insure a lasting peace.


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