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Hung, Wei-Chen

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment


Educational technology; Elementary education; Inquiry-based learning--Research; Active learning--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Research; Web-based instruction--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Research; Internet in education--Research; School children--Education (Elementary)--Research


This study utilized qualitative methods to document the experiences and perspectives of first grade students while they were engaged a technologically-enhanced inquiry-based learning environment (TEIBLE) such as a WebQuest, with minimal support from an instructional leader, and without augmentation to the WebQuest's instructions with regard to what needed to be done. Qualitative data were collected using and/or administering pre- and post-tests, informal observation questionnaire, and an assessment on their computer use, knowledge and WebQuest knowledge. The study revealed that the participants have a proclivity to read when presented with text and do not exhibit information literacy skills when dealing with the text. The children are familiar with locating web sites on the Internet and working on educational web site activities; however, they have no experience working with WebQuest and need scaffolding. This study offers some recommendations for the design of TEIBLEs when designing such activities for young learners. Finally, this study offers recommendations for further investigation of cultural relevancy and gender bias as it relates to the experiences and perspectives of first graders while engaged in TEIBLE activities.


Advisors: Wei-Chen Hung.||Committee members: Wei-Chen Hung; Laura Johnson; Lara Luetkehans.


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