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Sarup, Gian

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Reissman; Leonard; Sociology; Urban; Cities and towns


The primary purpose of this study was to replicate Leonard Reissman's "urban typology." In doing so, it was hoped to empirically determine if Reissman's typological distinctions about societies in 1950 continue to be valid in light of more recent data. Reissman argued that the experience of the developed societies was being "reiterated" in the developmental experiences of the developing countries of today. The author measured those countries which followed a similar developmental pattern as the "European" model. This similarity was operationalized through Reissman's typology. The author then compared the relative success of these countries to those who followed some other developmental choice. The results of this research do not support Reissman's assumption that the sub-stages of development followed by the currently developed societies are characterized by special developmental benefits. The typology not only showed no ability to predict future developmental success or failure, but it also showed no ability to meaningfully discriminate between developmental situations. This research indicates that the countries that the typology groups together do not appear to be homogeneous.


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