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Miller, Wilma K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Ball games; Sports--Study and teaching (Elementary); School children


The ability to handle a ball correctly is a basic skill that should be developed in the elementary school child to enable him to participate in, appreciate, end enjoy individual and group games more fully. Adults know from their own experiences that they enjoy most the activities they can do best. The same is true with children. "The child who hurts his fingers because he does not catch correctly does not want to play with balls, but when he can hold the object thrown to him he gains group approval and strives to improve even more." Introducing ball skills in the kindergarten and continuing the progressions through the sixth grade will acquaint the child with the different kinds of balls used in the various games and activities at each grade level. It is important that the child develops the skills as he needs them. If the skills and activities are based upon the present developmental level of the child he will be able to perform satisfactorily. This accomplishment will give him a feeling of success and will help to develop a willingness and desire to face the challenge of new skills and activities. On the other hand, if the skills and activities are beyond his physical or mental level, his attitude may be one of defeat or frustration.


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