Andrew Behnke

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Pohlman, Nicholas A.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Muons; Particles (Nuclear physics); Beam emittance (Nuclear physics); Structural analysis (Engineering)


The Standard Model of Physics, although vast in its descriptive abilities, still leaves some phenomena unsatisfactorily described. One such phenomenon is the discrepancy between the theoretical and experimental values of the g factor of a muon. The Muon g-2 experiment is being carried out at Fermilab in order to measure the g factor of a muon with an accuracy of 0.14 parts per million. One component of this experiment is the muon beam tracker system. In order for the tracker to function properly, 128 mylar straws and tungsten wires in each of the 24 tracker modules, must be positioned and tensioned correctly. In this thesis, structural analyses using Ansys, a commercial finite element analysis program, are carried out in order to assess the necessity of a carbon fiber support post. It is found that if the post is removed, then the tracker deflects such that the tension in some of the straws and wires is lost. The post is deemed necessary. Furthermore, material testing is done which proves that the post will not buckle or fail during operation. A secondary aim of this thesis is to design a quality control test stand to make measurements on the trackers and to check that they operate as expected. A design is proposed which holds one tracker, two linear traverses and a radioactive beam detection system. Validation of the design will occur when Fermilab receives the tracker modules.


Advisors: Nicholas A. Pohlman.||Committee members: Michael Eads; Iman Salehinia.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


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Northern Illinois University

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