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Meeter, Glenn

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The following thesis is the culmination of three years work. They are stories about life, magic, and the interaction everyday people have with extraordinary circumstances. When writing and editing a collection of this sort, one must not only be concerned with the individual stories, but with the arrangement as a whole. Each story has a plot, characters, and setting of its own. The reader may take from each as an individual source of entertainment and perhaps enlightenment. The bigger picture is the order the stories are arranged in. Please read them in the order they are presented, and you may see a greater theme than is contained in one story alone. My hope is that these stories will not only give you a few moments of enjoyment, but also will provide you with a new perspective on the world around you. Maybe they will help you achieve a new appreciation for the experiences you have, and the people you already know. There is magic all around us, we have only to accept it.


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