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Bushnell, David L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Samarium--Isotopes; Gamma ray spectrometry; Neutrons--Capture


The average-resonance-capture (n̅,γ) spectrum obtained through the use of the Argonne CP-5 reactor facility is used as an aid in assigning the spins and parities to the energy levels in ¹⁴⁸Sm. This experiment dealt with a samarium sample highly enriched in ¹⁴⁷Sm. A similar experiment was performed earlier by Buss and Smither on a natural sample of samarium. They assigned 33 possible energy levels to ¹⁴⁸Sm, with the highest excitation energy being 2639.4 keV. The data from the enriched run corroborates 25 of these levels, and clears up a number of isotopic uncertainties that existed in the original experiment. The present experiment suggests a level scheme of 54 levels. The discovery of the additional levels can be attributed to both the increased sensitivity for observing M1 transitions to negative parity states whose intensities were too weak to be seen in the natural sample, and also to the fact that the level scheme has been extended to 2942.7 keV.


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