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Bennett, Jack (Cecil Jackson)||Feyerherm, Harvey A.

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Public health--International cooperation; Insecticides


Widespread usage of commercial insecticides in the last two decades has enhanced the development of resistance to chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides by some important disease vectors and by a number of species of arthropods which are of importance to public health (Brown, 1958). In connection with this problem, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has undertaken the task of coordinating international research in the study of insecticide resistance. This group now publishes monographs of research so that publications of limited circulation can be made available to all workers in the field. This organization also provides a testing kit designed for investigating the degree of resistance built up by adult mosquitoes. This kit was designed for use in the field where there is a need to know if resistance exists in order to determine the effectiveness of control methods. It also provides all the materials and instructions necessary to carry out a testing program. The initial problem of Insecticide-resistance is the determination of its existence. Probably the best and surest method for this is by the use of a standardized testing procedure with standardized equipment and conditions. One of the goals of the W.H.O. is to develop such a standardized test for the comparison of susceptibility and resistance levels of arthropods used for genetic study in various parts of the world. To this end, one part of this study dealt with the investigation of the value of the W.H.O. adult mosquito test kit as a standardized testing device.


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