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Sciammarella, F. M. (Federico M.)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering; Electric welding--Research; Steel--Welding--Research; Protective coatings--Research; Paint--Research


Welding paint-coated steels is always a challenging task to perform because most forms of sheet metal come coated with a non-weldable primer. Though there are many welding processes, spot welding is more frequently used because of the economic advantages like portability, no filler material requirement, easy operation, faster performance, and higher accuracy. Developing a rapid and efficient paint removal process, experiments were conducted in the lab using a continuous-wave IPG laser to ablate paint where welding will occur. Transient thermal analysis in ANSYS APDL was used to quantify the paint ablation parameters and to determine the thermal profile caused by the laser energy. FEM results were compared to physical experiments conducted in the lab. Spot welding was carried out for the laser ablated samples using a MILLER LMSW 52-T welder. MTS Quantitative Pull Tests and metallography study was done to determine the optimum weld properties and over all weld quality.


Advisors: Federico Sciammerella.||Committee members: Matthew J. Gonser; Pradip Majumdar.


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Northern Illinois University

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