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Miller, Elwyn R. (Professor of education)||Volberding, Eleanor

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Gifted children; United States--History--Study and teaching


This paper is aimed towards development of program in American History wherein tbs gifted student may develop to an extent his unique potential and creativity, consistent with a balanced personality. Too many parts of car nation lack both the trained personnel and the facilities for challenging this superior ability. The area about McHenry is one of these, and it is hoped that the creation of a program to meet these special needs will eventually be adopted. With a projected enrolls want of two thousand students in a few years, the school district will be large enough to warrant such progress. Many sources concerned with the gifted were available for such a topic as this. Teachers, administrators, and directors of gifted programs throughout the state of Illinois wore contacted fay personal letter. From a close scrutiny of their existing curricula and personal experience, the better points of each program were chosen and incorporated into the McHenry program. Also, certain principles and criteria concerning the gifted were available, and fay investigation and application of those rules, the guidelines for this study were conceived. The proposed program was divided into eight units with approximate time periods for each. Included in each unit were the films to be shown, filmstrips to be used, and recordings appropriate to each unit. The reading assignments for each unit were given also. These included textbook reading assignments and outside readings. Included also were the basic concepts to he understood in each unit of study, the procedure for evaluation, and guidelines for project and tern paper work. The general outline for classroom procedure was meant to be a guide only, not a set program to be followed exactly. Evaluation of the proposed program will be continuous and wide in scope. Unit evaluation will take place throughout the year by testing at the and of each unit of study and also by semester exams which will measure achievement. A follow-up study, done in conjunction with the one the use in the guidance department will also be used. Critical self study and action research by the faculty concerned will be yet another evaluative technique. Lastly, the talented students themselves will be asked to assess the program through a series of structured questions. It is recommended that the program included in the text of the thesis be adopted for the school year 1965-66. As the program is a proposal, no claims for solution of the existing problem can be preferred until after the program has been instituted. The program will be an attempt to assist the talented student to reach Ids potential to a high degree, to develop further his unique ability, and to aid his in becoming an effective, constructive member of American society.


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