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Zinger, Donald S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering; Environmental science; Renewable energy sources--Research; Solar thermal energy--Research; Hybrid electric vehicles--Research


Now-a-days people are busy in finding the replacement for fossil fuels, because fossil fuels are at a stage of extinction. As the demand for energy requirement is high, the fossil fuels alone cannot meet the energy requirements. Some kind of clean, efficient, cheap and self-sustainable energy sources should be used, few of them are solar, wind, geothermal and hydro-power. As of now, it's a global mission to use the renewable energy sources, which can control the global warming and many other ecological imbalances. Many governments are encouraging and supporting for new researches in this field.;Among all energy sources, solar energy is abundantly available on earth. Only 30% of solar radiation is reflected back to space, remaining 70% of radiation is absorbed by earth surface. In recent days, solar cells are manufactured with highly efficient materials which can generate large amount of currents. Solar panel systems are modified to support low power and high power applications by controlling many parameters. Out of all systems, solar stand-alone system is the most efficient and user friendly system.;In this research, a solar stand-alone system is built for controlling the DC bus voltage using the reference voltage. The voltage in the bus is controlled by different parameters like irradiance, temperature, number of cells and reference voltage. The performance of the controlled current source in the voltage loop is observed during night and day time irradiances. Moreover maximum power point tracking system is designed in this system, which is mandatory for a solar panel system to attain maximum power. MATLAB/SIMULINK software is used to design this system.;At the end of the day, hope all the research activities produce efficient outcomes at much better performance without affecting the natural life.


Advisors: Donald S. Zinger.||Committee members: Michael J. Haji-Sheikh; Martin Kocanda.


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Northern Illinois University

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