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Newell, Darrell E.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Computer managed instruction; Grading and marking (Students)--Data processing


The objective of this thesis was to design and implement a secure software based system to automatically generate, distribute, and grade class assignments, and assist an instructor in vital record keeping, administration and management functions required by heavily populated classes. The software was designed in a general manner to be adaptable in any hardware installation. Software for Course Administration and Management Systems (SCAMS) was successfully adapted and implemented in the Electrical Engineering Department of Northern Illinois University to provide verification of feasibility. Sufficient redundancy was designed into the software to provide adequate course support to enable an instructor to maintain satisfactory course delivery in the event of either a personal or mainframe computer failure. Although this specific software implementation was based on the available equipment and assets at Northern Illinois University, satisfactory implementation can be accomplished at other facilities. The excessive and sometimes unbearable grading demands placed on the instructor of heavily populated classes that involve intensive problem solving are reduced to an extremely tolerable level by SCAMS. SCAMS enables an instructor to efficiently reallocate time that was previously spent performing routine assignment grading to class presentations and assignments that do not specifically lend themselves to automatic processing.


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