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Quick, Otho J.||Brown, Robert D.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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School shops


In any school shop, tools will get broken, equipment damaged and supplies wasted. Most shop teachers agree that, to a point, this is inevitable. Philosophically, it is usually reckoned that this is part of the learning by doing process, and charged to the expense of operating an industrial arts program. One sometimes wonders, however, where to draw the line on prodigality. Because the writer had been puzzled by that question, he decided to review all that had been written on the subject. To his surprise, there was little or nothing in print concerning this apparently universal problem. This study was undertaken, then, to learn what other shop teachers do. It represents the thinking of forty-seven teachers and sixty-two students as to correct practice in the handling of this problem. To those teachers and students, the writer is grateful for their fine response and cooperation in asking the collection of data for this study possible.


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