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Morrison, Harriet B., 1934-

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Leadership and Educational Policy Studies


Serbian Americans--Illinois--Chicago--Cultural assimilation


Serbian immigrants in the Chicago Area: Assimilation and Maintenance of Two Cultures describes and analyzes the means and extent to which Serbian immigrants in the Chicago area have assimilated themselves to Western culture while maintaining their own cultural heritage. Qualitative methods are used in the historical research, and in the survey and its analysis. Research and information presented is solely directed toward the Serbian community based in the Chicago area. For the most part, outlooks, points of view, and responses expressed belong to the individuals and families approached in the Serbian community of Chicago and its suburbs. Topics include adequate historical background to promote clarity, occupational standing, educational aspirations, and general accomplishments of the Serbian immigrants. Serbian pioneers who became successful as a result of their accomplishments as prominent scientists and inventors are discussed. Questions address reasons for Serbians settling in the Chicago area, sources and assistance provided for emigration, major difficulties and challenges encountered in Chicago, and the role of education in the Serbian community. With each successive generation, there is a degree of modification in original customs and traditions. After one hundred years in Chicago, Serbs have contributed to American culture, have been relatively successful in maintaining their culture, and are reluctant to relinquish their traditions. The study suggests there are numerous possibilities for further research on the Serbian community.


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