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Pare; Madeline Ferrin. Arizona pageant; Arizona--History


Problem: The purpose of this study was (1) to investigate resource materials available on the Spanish period of Arizona history and (2) to adapt the material in written for appropriate for the high school student. The chapters on the Spanish period in Arizona history were to be part of a text on Arizona history to be published for use in a freshman course being introduced in January of 1965 at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona. Procedure: In determining the content and general chapter divisions of the text, three considerations were made (1) General arrangement of other Arizona history studies and texts; (2) course outline suggestions made by the University of Arizona history faculty} and (3) suitability for the high school student. In order that the text might more readily meet the needs of high school students in varying degrees of ability, and so that it might be flexible enough to be deemed suitable by other schools for similar but not identical courses is Arizona history, the study was designed according to the following two-part format: (1) A survey of Arizona history printed in paperback form for inexpensive distribution to each student} and (2) a series of readings for each section of the summarized text. The readings for each section—-excerpts from documents, chapters from books—-were to be independently bound. Sets could be kept in the Arizona history classrooms, thereby allowing the teacher to add to his course any degree of breadth and depth that his students could assimilate and his schedule could accommodate. In researching the assignee area, no texts on Arizona history were found to be suitable for the high school level. Materials in a total of forty-five sources were deemed appropriate for inclusion in the summarized text and the readings to accompany the chapters on the Spanish period in Arizona history. Two chapters were written on the Spanish period, "The Coming of the King’s Captains" (The Spanish Conquistadors' explorations north from central Mexico) and "Cross and Sword in Pimeria Alta" (the conversion and colonization efforts of the Spanish Catholic Missionaries in what is now Sonora, northern Mexico, and Arizona and New Mexico.) These two chapters are included in the second chapter of this paper. Readings to accompany the chapters were then selected. Time limitations prevented the completion of the readings books for all chapters of the text, but readings for the chapters produced by this study were selected and are included as the third chapter of this paper. Publication and Subsequent Developments. The text was printed in January, 1965,and introduced to the freshman students of Sunnyside High School’s course in Arizona history. The book was well received by Arizona educators and historians, and its major author, Mrs. Madeline F. Pare, chairman of the Sunnyside Social Studies department, has since entered into a contract with the Arizona Historical Foundation, which will publish a revised and expanded edition of the text in hardback form in the fail of 1965 for sale to schools throughout Arizona.


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