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Newman, Amy (Amy Lynn)

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of English


Literature; Neurosciences; Astrophysics; Poetry; Science--Poetry; Neurosciences--Poetry; Astrophysics--Poetry


This thesis has two primary goals: the first is to explore the relationship between scientific discovery and poetry by surveying poetry from the last four hundred years and revealing instances where the two worlds have met. With the rise of modern science, profound scientific discovery has had a history of affecting how poets see themselves and the world in which they live, though an argument exists that claims that contemporary poets have ceased responding to scientific discovery on a personal level and are instead simply adopting the vocabulary and imagery of science. The second goal of this thesis is to respond to this claim with a manuscript of poetry that answers the call for a closer relationship between poetry and science. While I borrow some vocabulary and thematic material, the main thread is a personal reaction to the anxiety created by recent discoveries in neuroscience and, to a lesser extent, astrophysics.;Keywords: science and poetry.


Advisors: Amy Newman.||Committee members: Joe Bonomo; Brian May.


59 pages




Northern Illinois University

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