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Nelson, Robert H.||Axelson, John A., 1929-

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Teachers--Rating of


Statement of the Problem. This study had two objectives; (1) To investigate research about teacher evaluation, review evaluation practices and devices, and (2) Measure opinions and attitudes of educators, in certain school districts, about evaluation so that the uses of observation and evaluation can be effectively applied to the improvement of instruction. Procedure. A chronological review of some of the literature was made to show the development of evaluation practices. Personal interviews were conducted with nine school administrators who used various kinds of evaluation devices to determine why they chose a particular evaluation system. The results of these interviews were presented in Chapter III of the study as part of an analysis of current rating practices. A questionnaire designed to reflect opinions and attitudes about their evaluation experiences was distributed to educators in eleven suburban Cook County school districts. The responses to this questionnaire provided the basis for the tabulations in Chapter IV. Conclusions and Recommendations. (1) The main purpose of evaluation should be improvement of instruction, so all teachers should be evaluated regularly so that schools can maintain the best possible instructional staff. (2) Too many districts use rating scales to evaluate teachers that do not consider the uniqueness of the individual teacher and her learning situation. (3) Those evaluated need to know the results of their evaluation so they can make provisions for professional growth. Evaluation should be followed by private conferences so that teacher and administrator can work on common problems and goals. (4) Most teachers want their principal to have the responsibility for evaluating them. However, all evaluators should have some special training in observational techniques and interpretation of criteria. (5) Evaluation provides incentive for better teaching and better instructional programs. The results of evaluation should be used for these reasons, and not just filed away after completion.


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