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Natural resources--Illinois


This paper presents an analysis of the natural resources within the boundaries of DeKalb County, Illinois. Each major resource--land, soil, forests, wildlife, water, and minerals is considered with emphasis upon utilization and consolation. Such physical aspects as location, geology, glaciation, topography, and climate are also included. Dekalb County lies within the agricultural heart of the North American Corn Belt. Here, man's technical knowledge has combined with Nature's physical endowment in making one of the most productive and prosperous farming regions in the entire world. The agriculturally oriented landscape is easily detected in Dekalb County; almost one-half of the county's land is devoted to the production of corn, and over ninety percent of its soils are utilized agriculturally. It is then obvious that the most valuable earth resources of the county are land, soils, and water. Land furnishes the necessary space for resource containment and utilization, soils supply food and nourishment to all growing things, and water, the sustainer, furnishes the "blood" to all living matter. In order to function properly all three mist display tenacious interdependence. Forests, wildlife, and minerals are not so important la the county and are utilized to a much lesser degree.


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