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Shapiro, Robert

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Badminton (Game); Biomechanics


The purpose of this study was to complete a descriptive analysis of the mechanics of the badminton overhead smash. Six national caliber badminton players were used as subjects, and cinematography was utilized as the analytical tool. The filming was done within a noncompetitive and controlled setting. The subjects were marked with adhesive disks at joint centers and selected points on the racket. The subjects were filmed from the racket side while performing three overhead smashes. Standard computer analysis programs were utilized to analyze the data. Specifically, the following mechanical components of the smash were analyzed: (a) angular kinematics of the racket, wrist, elbow, and trunk; (b) displacement of the center of gravity; (c) forearm rotation; and (d) racket and bird velocities. It was concluded that: 1. Horizontal and vertical displacement definitely occur. 2. The position at contact of the trunk, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and racket was nearly vertical or slightly forward for all subjects. 3. The position of the racket-bird impact was slightly forward of the body's center of gravity. 4. The rotational movements of the shoulder and forearm appear to be more important as contributing factors to the final smash velocity than the movements of the wrist.


Bibliography: pages 73-75.


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