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Orlosky, Frank James, 1943-

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Anthropology


Stature; Anthropometry; Bones


Estimating stature from long bone measurements is a common problem in physical anthropology. The first portion of this thesis dealt with the relationships between stature and various long bone lengths. Regression equations were developed from published raw data for East Indian and Chinese samples. Stature predictions from these regression equations and from equations of previous investigators were compared. When complete long bones are not available, part-to- whole relationships are used to determine long bone length prior to estimating stature. The materials in the NIU osteology laboratory were used to derive part-to-whole regression equations and to evaluate published procedures for estimating whole bone lengths from bone segments. The last portion of this study dealt with estimating stature of extinct hominids. Casts of fossil fragments of australopithecines and published estimates of bone measurements were used to predict whole bone lengths. Regression equations developed in this thesis were used to estimate long bone lengths from their fragments. Stature regression equations developed in this work were used to predict stature of the australopithecines.


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