Ann Kolker

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Mersbergen, Miriam van||Kim, In-sop

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Allied Health & Communicative Disorders


Speech therapy; Music


Voice production is a complex process involving the coordination of various anatomical structures and physiologic systems. The Voice Range Profile (VRP) is an acoustic measure for evaluating voice production that provides information regarding how these structures and systems function together. The present study examined shortened protocols for VRP elicitation to reduce elicitation time and allow for more widespread use of the VRP. Twenty-four singers completed a full VRP based on accepted methods from the literature, and the same participants returned within one to three weeks to complete the proposed Short VRP protocol. Results indicate that the new Short protocol allowed participants to generate larger VRPs with greater maximum intensities and lower minimum intensities. However, the Short protocol also presented challenges for participants due to its dynamic sampling method and for elicitors due to increased cognitive load. Future research directions include generating a new rigid sampling method, using a larger sample size that includes non-singers, including additional measures, examining elicitor cognitive load or comfort, and examining participant comfort.


Advisors: Miriam van Mersbergen; In-sop Kim.||Committee members: Orna Arania; Mary Lynn Doherty; Allison Gladfelter.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


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