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Creamer, Winifred

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Anthropology


Pottery--New Mexico--Pueblo Blanco Site; Pueblo Blanco Site (N.M.); New Mexico--Antiquities


This thesis assesses patterning in the archaeological record and its relationship to the issues of site use and growth. In addition, this thesis addresses the usefulness of the Rio Grande Glaze ware sequence through spacial and attribute analyses. The site-use model is presented and utilized as the method of analyzing the patterning at the site of Pueblo Blanco, New Mexico. The Rio Grande Glaze ware sequence was addressed in terms of its usefulness as a chronological indicator by addressing the alternative models and examining the glaze wares from Pueblo Blanco. The revised chronology was the basis for ceramic analysis and the standard applied to the analysis of the site-use model. The site-use model is a model to determine single versus multiple occupational units. By addressing the pattering of the ceramic assemblage using this method, the sequence of occupation and abandonment my be better understood. In addition, population estimates and site-use patterning was reassessed. The application of this model at the site of Pueblo Blanco revealed multiple occupational units. The population of this seemingly large aggregated pueblo during each episode was found to be dramatically smaller than earlier estimates based on the total number of rooms and a sequence of occupation detected.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [67]-73)


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Northern Illinois University

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