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Willis, Suzanne E.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Cygnus X-3; Cosmic ray muons


An attempt to point muon tracks back to Cygnus X-3 was made using the DOmuon Cosmic Ray Telescope. A data set of 11.3 million muon events was examined, representing ~ 313.5 hours of live time from September 13 - December 13, 1989. The data was filtered, which left 3,478,283 events, with 8,226 events in a 10° x 1° elliptical window centered on Cygnus X-3. There were also 4,289, 1, 717, and 452 events in similar windows with momentum cuts of 10 GeV/c, 25 GeV/c, and 100 GeV/c respectively. For each of the windows centered on Cygnus X-3, there were 35 equivalent background windows at the same declination as Cygnus X-3 spaced every 10° right ascension. An attempt to look for a DC excess of events from Cygnus X-3 was unsuccessful due to a severe time bias in the data. Phase histograms were used on the windows to look for a source periodicity. Both a cubic and parabolic fit equations were used from the van der Kliss and Bonnet-Bidaud ephemeris to calculate phase. A second time bias was found in the phase histograms, and was eliminated by subtracting an estimated background for each phase bin from each phase bin in the source window. A broad inconsistent peak of only marginal significance in these phase histograms was seen from 0.85 — 0.15 in phase for the cubic fit, and from 0.00 — 0.25 in phase in the parabolic fit. This peak could correspond to a peak in the phase histogram seen by Soudan-1 in 1983.


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