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Plowman, Sharon A.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Treadmill exercise tests--Physiological aspects; Exercise--Physiological aspects; Exercise therapy


The purposes of this study were to (a) describe and compare physiologic responses to selected preprogrammed workouts [Blast Off (B) , Pike's Peak (P) , and Steady Climb (S)] at level five on the Stairmaster 4000PT, and (b) to compare the actual to the estimated caloric expenditure. Twenty-nine experienced stair-climbers (M=5, F=24; X̄ age=26.2 ±5.9 yr; X̄ VO[sub 2] max=51.4 ±3.9^(-1)min^(-1)) served as subjects. A oneway repeated measures ANOVA revealed no significant physiologic [HR (bpm): X B=144.31±15.21, X̄ P=143.76±12.90, X̄ S=141.10± 12.84; SBP (mmHg): X̄ B=150.83±20.34, X̄ P=155.14±19.08, X̄ S=154.07±17.12; DPB (mmHg): X̄ B=70.62±11.30, X̄ P=72.41±13.08, X̄ S=72.79±9.32; rate pressure product: X̄ B=214.83±39.42, X̄ P=223.41±36.32, X̄ S=216.83±29.47], metabolic [VO[sub 2] (^(-1)min^(-1)) : X̄ B=29.38±1.27, X̄ P=27.85±2.67, X̄ S=29.25±1.52; respiratory exchange ratio: X̄ B=0.88±0.04, X̄ P=0.88±0.05, X̄ S=0.89±0.04; blood lactate (mM): X̄ B=1.92±l.ll, X̄ P=2.03±0.99, X̄ S==2.92±1.25 ] , or psychologic [RPE: X̄ B=12.79±1.35, X̄ P=13.17±1.54, X̄ S=13.72±1.33] differences between the three programs (p > 0.01). A dependent t-test revealed the difference between the caloric expenditure as estimated (X̄ B=128.86±24.63, X̄ P=128.48±26.08, X̄ S=130.79±25.23) by the Stairmaster 4000PT console and as measured (X̄ B=144.03±30.16, X̄ P=134.86±24.48, X̄ S=143.35±29.20) for each program to be statistically significant (p < 0.05) though not practically significant (<1 kcal.min'1/15 min) . The results of this study indicate that physiologic, metabolic, and psychologic responses were consistent between various programs at an intensity level of five and that the caloric expenditure as calculated by the Stairmaster 4000PT console provides a practical estimation of caloric expenditure.


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