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Bushnell, David L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Cooking; Solar energy; Solar heating--Equipment and supplies


Two successful test systems each containing a controllable electric heater to simulate the solar input power have been constructed to study the performance of a solar energy heat exchanger. This paper describes a new system with which the heat exchanger is connected to a concentrating array of CPC cylindrical troughs. The question of what solar collector area is required in order to provide adequate energy to fill up the 27.3 Kg PCM mass is addressed. At this stage, we are using a 2m2 CPC solar collector array and it is unable to heat the 27.3 Kg PCM mass up to the phase change temperature. In order to reach this high temperature of 360° F, an additional electric heater is needed. The heating time and storage time results are quite different from the second test system even though the same heat exchanger is being used. With those charactistics found in this system, more improvements are necessary before the system efficiency can be calculated.


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