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Bushnell, David L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Solar ovens


A solarized oven system has been studied for many years. Many methods have been invented and applied to quantify the performance of the solarized oven system. In this thesis, the stability of the thermocouples is assured first. Then a brand new method, the Four Slopes Method, is invented and applied as well to quantify the performance of the solarized oven system. This new method avoids the complexity of recording data and improves the accuracy of calculation. Some comparison between the new method and corresponding previous method is pointed out to assure the advantages of the new method. The results by applying the new method enables us to gain insight into the performance of each component in the system. The standard deviation of each calculated result is given with details. Special efforts are focused on determining the power losses of the solar collector and of the distribution lines. The corresponding heat capacities are also calculated by using the new method to quantify the system.


Includes bibliographical references (leaf [46])


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Northern Illinois University

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