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Haugland, A. Oscar (Archie Oscar), 1922-2013||Bird, Gordon W.||Weed, Maurice, 1912-2005

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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Department of Music


Instrumentation and orchestration (Band)


OVERTURE (1963) FOR BAND is intended primarily to add to the literature of the concert hand. The avoidance of advanced technical demands on the individual players and on the ensemble make it suitable for use in high school bands of intermediate technical ability. A diagram of the form and the sectional nature of the piece allow it to be used as teaching material which can add to the students' awareness of form in composition. The instrumentation calls for standard instruments which are in common use among high school concert bands. The themes were first worked out using accented compositional principles and procedures; the rondo-sonata form was selected as the most suitable framework for the development of these basic ideas. A three-line piano score was then made which recorded the development of the themes as a musical composition in the composer's mind. Another three-line score was made in final form. The first full score was done in pencil from the final three-line score. Each score was studied as it developed for desired changes and errors and was altered before the subsequent score was begun. The final score was in ink on opaque paper and was duplicated by a photographic process. The composition, itself, is an expression of purely musical (non-progammatic) ideas and should be interpreted as such. It was conceived, first and foremost, as a piece of music; certain features in the rendition of the full score and parts make it useful in music education as teaching material.


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