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King, Sondra L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Human and Family Resources


Nutrition; Dietary supplements; Physical fitness centers


This study consisted of 135 fitness center members and 120 non-fitness member control subjects, all of whom completed a survey which assessed dietary supplement usage and reason for use along with a nutrition knowledge score. Dietary supplements were used by 100 (74%) of the fitness center members and 79 (66%) of the controls. There was no significant difference in supplement usage between the two groups. The typical user of either group was college educated and worked full time; equal members of men and women used supplements and no age difference was noted. The indicated best sources of nutritional advice were either a physician or a dietitian. The supplements used the most were a multivitamin or vitamin C. The most commonly given reasons for using supplements were to prevent colds/illness and to make up for what is not in food. Nutrition knowledge scores of both groups were in approximately the 50th percentile. Of the three fitness center sub-groups, the fitness center that had the highest usage of supplements had the lowest nutrition knowledge score and the fitness center with the lowest supplements usage had the highest nutrition knowledge score.


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