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Ryu, Ji-Chul (Professor)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Manipulators (Mechanism); Robots--Motion; Robots--Control systems


Robots are mechatronic systems, widely being used in streams of engineering, medicine and entertainment. Especially in mechanical industries, robots are extensively used in material handling, welding and painting units. However, the available robotic mechanisms may not be efficient in handling materials when they are too large to grasp with grippers. In this case, use of nonprehensile manipulation could offer better results. In this thesis, nonprehensile throwing manipulation of a disk-shaped object with a disk-shaped end effector is presented. The end effector is attached to a two-link robotic manipulator arm. The throwing motion is proposed in such a way that the manipulator translates from its initial position to release position where the object is thrown with a desired initial velocity to reach the goal position following a projectile motion. To achieve the objective, Euler-Lagrange equations are used to derive the equations of motion to control the joints of the manipulator. Also, a control strategy for throwing is developed in which inverse dynamics approach is considered to derive the feedback control. Simulational results using MATLAB are presented along with an animation to visualize the performed task. Future research on this work includes consideration of target orientation of the object and experimental validation of the proposed throwing motion.


Advisors: Ji-Chul Ryu.||Committee members: Brianno D. Coller; Behrooz Fallahi.||Includes bibliographical references.||Includes illustrations.


x, 80 pages




Northern Illinois University

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