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Green, Gerald G.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Computer service industry--Employees--Job satisfaction


The study used the Job Diagnostic Survey developed by Hackman and Oldham to determine the level of job satisfaction of the Computer Services organization at the Midwest Area Computer Center. This center was one of two large computer centers for a multi-national Fortune 500 electronics corporation. In 1976 and 1977, Computer Services experienced high turnover and severe labor unrest. Organizational changes were made to alleviate the problems. The Job Diagnostic Survey was used to measure the progress of the organization toward the goal of satisfied, productive workers. The Computer Services scores were compared to two other studies: the Hackman and Oldham 1975 study and a study of computing professionals done by Cougar and Zawacki in 1978. Another comparison was done between managers and employees to determine if an intra-organizational perception problem existed. It was determined from the survey results that not all problems had been completely eliminated. The most significant problem was that of underutilization of the Operations personnel. Turnover in the Software group was nearly three times the national norm. The Customer Services group wanted to utilize more of the skills that they possessed and have a better definition of tasks. Recommendations were made for follow-up activites by Computer Services.


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