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Reinemann, Martin W.||Caldwell, Loren T.

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Manufactures; Dixon (Ill.)--Manufactures


The purpose of this thesis is to study manufacturing in Dixon, Illinois, during the earliest years of settlement of the city and to record the most important developments of manufacturing in Dixon which have taken place in the last several decades. Dixon is not a part of any major population center, major market area, or major transportation center. In this light it seems unusual that the city has developed a manufacturing complex of the size which exists today. The Rock River played an important part in the early development of manufacturing in the Dixon area. As sources of power have changed and different methods of transportation have come into use the role of the Rock River for manufacturers has changed. Manufacturing in Dixon employs almost one-fourth of the total labor force and is therefore a very important source of income for the community. Plant locations in Dixon are clustered near the south bank of the Rock River and around a loop of railroad tracks in the southwestern part of the city. From this fact, it is apparent that the Rock River and the railroad have served as important factors in the location of manufacturing sites. Dixon has experienced a population growth rate somewhat lower than the national average but this has, nevertheless, limited the amount of land available for manufacturing within the corporate limits of the city. In addition, the school system has been producing young persons for the labor market every year In increasing numbers. In the last couple of years some Important changes have taken place in the industrial picture in Dixon. One important change has been the inception of the Dixon Industrial site two miles east outside of the city limits, on U.S. Alternate 30. Included in this thesis is a detailed description of each of the major manufacturing plants, a study of the raw material sources and the methods used for their transportation, and the geographic distribution of finished products and the transportation systems employed for this purpose. Finally, a study of the trend which seems to be developing in order to entice new industry to come to Dixon has been considered and its possible future effects suggested.


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