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Hashemian, Reza

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Logic circuits--Computer programs


A logic synthesis tool called LST is developed. This tool is designed to analyze and optimally synthesize certain logic circuits under different temperatures. The optimization could be for either o f area and time consumptions. Employing different synthesis techniques such as finding the critical paths in a circuit, circuit compression, and composing/decomposing components, Logic Synthesis Tool software program provides accurate and reliable real time simulations for digital circuits within a reasonable fast time. Since one o f the important goals o f this work is to create a more useful tool for circuit designers, a variety o f vendor libraries are incorporated in the program. Logic Synthesis Tool software program can be described briefly as follows. It allows the users to design circuits on a provided schematic sheet, conveniently. A type o f analysis dependent on the temperature o f the circuit environment is then selected. I f the circuit is not generic, a vendor can be chosen from the built-in libraries. The program then finds out the fan-in and fan-out o f each component, and uses a variety o f parameters and formulas associated with the selected vendor to calculate the delay time for the circuit elements. The designer can use an optimization o f area or speed depending on the degree o f importance. The circuit can then be simulated, resulting in wave forms and/or binary outputs. The program can detect and display the critical paths o f the circuit and replace the components within them with less delay causing components. Because this package has been created from fundamentals and uses its own developed programming techniques to design, synthesize, and simulate digital circuits very fast, thousands o f hours have been spent to provide a reliable, user friendly tool with which circuit designers can work conveniently.


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