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Ballantine, David Stephen

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Chemistry


Amines--Analysis; Stationary phase (Chromatography); Solvation; Gas chromatography


The linear solvation energy relationship is one of the various methods used to characterize gas chromatographic stationary phases. An analysis of retention data yields a quantitative relationship between the solute and stationary phase and an increased understanding of how specific interactions affect solute retention times, i.e. solubility, hydrogen bonding, dispersion interactions, etc. However, the procedure is labor and time consuming due to the need for a large data set. Current work is focused at development of predictive equations to determine LSER coefficients for any stationary phase. There is a need to expand the present data base of already characterized stationary phases by representing more functional groups. This work experimentally determined the LSER values for three uncharacterized amine stationary phases. The LSER coefficients obtained will be used to develop predictive quantitative structure solvation relationships. The contribution o f amine functionalities to the different LSER coefficients will be examined. In addition, a comparison of previously obtained LSER coefficients of amide and the amine stationary phases will be discussed.


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