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Iran--Economic policy


Statement of the problem. The problems involved in administration in Iran for implementation of long-range planning are barriers to development and progress in Iran. Procedure. At present, over and hundred underdeveloped nations in Asia, Europe and America have some kind of long-range planning, and it seems that this technique is generally accepted. In Iran under the long-range planning, by the oil revenues, many projects have been completed. Everywhere there is evidence of progress, of a kind, it and hopeful there would be future progress. To point out and clarify the problem, planning background from 1949-1973 were mentioned. The highlights of two Seven Year Plans and two Five Year Plans and their objectives from 1949-1975 were discussed. Some of the problems such as the geographical barrier, the high maintain ranges which account for the isolation of Iran, the shortage of water and irrigation, and the methods of agriculture ware discussed in the paper. The purpose of the study was to investigate and analyze the effect of administration on implementing long-range planning in Iran. In order to understand administration more clearly and completely, a brief discussion of Iranian couples culture was described. At the end of the paper, a few observations by some of those who contributed ta Iranian plans were quoted. They confirm and clarify the problem of administration in Iran.


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