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Tonks, Stephen M.

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Curriculum planning


The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to examine different levels of feedback provided on exit slips and how both a high school mathematics teacher and her students utilized them to advance the learning process. The study focused on three different Pre-Calculus classes, made up of 42 participants, over a period of two units of study that included two pretests and posttests. Each class received verbal feedback on their exit slips while one class also received process feedback and one class also received task feedback. In addition, the mathematics teacher participated in three 30 minute interviews with the researcher that focused on her instructional experiences utilizing different levels of feedback on exit slips in her Pre-Calculus classes. Quantitative data examined the growth each class made from the pretest scores to the posttest scores. In addition, student survey responses were studied regarding students' perceptions of exit slips and their use of exit slips for preparation for the posttests. Qualitative data were also studied regarding the teacher's perceptions of providing different levels of feedback on exit slips and its instructional use as an intervention. While the quantitative data did not reveal significant findings about one level of feedback, it did provide insight into the need for future research on more units of study. However, the qualitative data did provide insight on a potential different level of feedback that could be explored in future studies as well as how teachers might go about preparing their classes to utilize exit slips. It is hoped that the research presented in this study will provide teachers in mathematics and other disciplines at the high school level with insight into the use of a potential intervention to advance student learning in their classrooms.


Advisors: Stephen Tonks.||Committee members: Mary Shafer; Stephen Tonks; Elizabeth Wilkins.||Includes bibliographical references.


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