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Fogel, Marvin

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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School of Allied Health Professions


Alcoholics--Rehabilitation; Alcoholism--Prevention


A field study was conducted in which 24 recovered alcoholics were asked what was important to their sobriety. The sample consisted of 15 males and 9 females with 19 of the sample actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) at the time of the study. The most mentioned factor in the maintenance of sobriety was AA. The only other category receiving more than 3 mentions was the category of positive cognitions. The most mentioned factor in the achievement of sobriety was pain, which was mentioned by more than 80 per cent of the subjects. The three most important elements of AA were, in order, the fellowship, the spiritual aspect, and the program. Most of the subjects that attended AA were either referred by treatment or joined AA as a last resort. The implications for treatment included referral to AA and helping the alcoholic acquire positive cognitive processes. Suggested areas of research based on the results of the study include analysis of the role of spirituality, fellowship, and lifestyle in the problem of alcohol abuse.


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