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Juvenile deliquency


This paper is undertaken for the express purpose of answering a number of highly important questions. The first question—what is juvenile delinquency?—must be answered before we can proceed further in determining the responsibility of the school toward the problem. The second question and one of primary importance is what can the school do to aid in the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency? A third question also must be satisfactorily answered if we are to achieve any success in dealing with this problem. This question is how can other community agencies assist in detecting signs of delinquent behavior and in treating these symptoms before permanent harm is done to the individual? The ultimate aim of the author is to show that the school does have a prominent part to play in the detection and treatment of juvenile delinquency and that definite steps can be taken to achieve this goal. Although this is certainly not a problem that has arisen overnight or one that has only developed in recent years, it has caused and is continuing to cause a great deal of difficulty. It is not the purpose of this study to describe in detail any specific cases of delinquent behavior or to try to express direct remedies for specific types of misconduct. However, an attempt will be made to present material showing the responsibility of the home, the church, the community agencies and the school toward aiding the delinquent in becoming a useful member of our modern society.


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