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Quick, Otho J.||Gilbert, Harold G., 1921-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Industry and Technology


Education; Cooperative; Mentally handicapped--Employment


The study was undertaken to establish better communications between industry and the special education department of West Leyden High School. It was believed that industry was not fully aware of the contributions the educable mentally handicapped can make to industry. Furthermore, in order to plan a practical program which would teach the educable retardate the specific skills needed to make him vocationally independent, the special education department needed to know from industry in what type of job it would place the educable mentally handicapped worker. Through questionnaires it was learned that there is interest in the high school's work-study program and that the majority of industries would consider hiring the educable mentally handicapped for menial office work, janitorial work and unskilled work. When told that some educable retardates are capable of learning skills qualifying them for semi-skilled jobs, personnel managers who had never hired educable mentally handicapped admitted they had not been aware of this fact.


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