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Liggett, Hampton R.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Industrial Engineering


Reverse engineering; Engineering design; Engineering mathematics


The problems in reverse engineering a clone from an existing part involve the risk of duplicating inherent deficiencies that might exist in the original design. Currently, all existing reverse engineering systems (RES) focus on the acquisition of geometric data and the generation of numerical control (NC) programs to manufacture the clone part. The RES fails to provide critical performance information on parts for remanufacture. The purpose of this research was to develop an improved method for implementing reverse engineering by integrating engineering analysis within the reverse engineering framework. Rules and procedures for conducting engineering analysis and design modification are formulated. Initially the existing part is digitized and the CAD model generated. The CAD model is then transformed into a FEA model by generating nodes and meshes, loading and boundary conditions. Based on the stress distribution and deflection output from the analysis, iterations of design modification and analysis are conducted until a superior design is achieved. Together, these allow critical part performance information to be predicted. Costly and time consuming destructive or nondestructive testing on the part is eliminated. The results of this study will make the task of reverse engineering an existing part and producing an improved part greatly simplified and structured. A significant benefit provided by the new RES is the total cost savings due to more efficient manufacturing and prototype testing of the clone part, thus improving productivity.


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