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The purpose of this study was to determine the instructional practices and procedures used in recordkeeping classes in public secondary schools in Illinois and to determine the benefits that teachers believe student learners receive from these practices and procedures. The questionnaire survey method was used to gather the data for this study. One hundred eighteen recordkeeping teachers in Illinois were contacted to supply the data for this study. Eighty-nine questionnaires were returned, representing 75 per cent of the questionnaires mailed. The significant conclusions were as follows: (1)Recordkeeping teachers are not necessarily the young and inexperienced teachers in the school. (2) Recordkeeping appears to be offered at all grade levels, but most frequently at the sophomore, junior, senior levels. (3) Recordkeeping appears to be open to anyone. (4) Recordkeeping students generally appear to be interested in recordkeeping, and they also appear to find some areas of the subject matter more interesting than other areas. (5) Recordkeeping students tend to be of lower ability with major weaknesses in overall comprehension and math background. (6) In Chapter I of this paper, in the "Reasons for Teaching Recordkeeping" section, it was stated that recordkeeping could serve as a prerequisite for bookkeeping. This study tends to support this statement as 65.8 per cent of the responding teachers stated that recordkeeping students were permitted to take bookkeeping. (7) Recordkeeping students appear to receive the most benefit from performing problem-solving functions. (8) Workbook and practice set materials appear to be of more beneficial instructional value to student learning than the actual textbook, and are being used by a majority of the recordkeeping teachers. (9) Visual aids such as the chalkboard and overhead projector appear to enhance the learning situation of students when properly used. (10) Recordkeeping students appear to be able to perform adequately on either an individual basis or in a group situation.


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