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Gilbert, Harold G., 1921-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Industry and Technology


Electricity--Study and teaching (Secondary); Printed circuits


Printed circuits are an electrical pattern composed of a thin conducting foil formed in a predetermined configuration on an insulating base material, they have become increasingly popular in the field of electronic circuit miniaturization. These circuits find use in test equipment, radio, television, aerospace applications, industrial controls, computers, data processing equipment, and applications where space, weight, and unusual)y severe environmental operating conditions exist. The object of this study was to develop an instruction unit on tape and paint resist, acid etched, printed circuits. Industrial production techniques and materials were studied and evaluated. The manipulative activities of the unit were limited to those operations and procedures which could be realistically carried on in a high school electronics laboratory. The instruction unit was divided into four parts: (1) Instructor's Technical Resource File; (2) Printed Circuit Board Servicing File; (3) Operation Sheets; (4) Sources of Materials and Information, each containing pertinent information concerning some phase of printed circuitry. The Instructor's Technical Resource Unit was concerned with design concepts, form factors, reproduction, production, and materials. It was meant to be a handy resource file for presenting pertinent related information. The Printed Circuit Board Servicing File was compiled to aid the student in troubleshooting those problems most frequently encountered in rigid printed circuit boards. It was intended as both related information and as assistance in troubleshooting problems encountered in malfunctioning circuit boards produced by the students themselves. A set of Operation Sheets on single-sided tape and paint resist sold etched circuit boards was prepared to give detailed instructions an the preparation and production procedures. Sources of materials and information were listed under a separate heading for quick reference.


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