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Education--Illinois||Public schools--Illinois--Ingleside


This study was in investigation of historical factors relating to the educational progress of the Gavin Elementary School District Number 37, Ingleside, Illinois, from 1945 to 1965. Most of the historical sources used in selecting the data were primary. Oral testimony was obtained from the superintendent and two teachers who have been employed by the district since 1943. Oral and written testimony was obtained from present and ex-school board members who still reside in the district. Official school records, such as official board minutes and citizen committee reports, were on file at the school. Where possible, facts and figures were obtained from the county superintendent of schools, county clerk, township assessor, two local newspapers, and the state office of public instruction. The conclusions apply only to what the sources available showed and apply only to District Number 37. Most of the conclusions were arrived at through personal interpretation. It was assumed that the investigation would show that (1) State legislation# depending on the specific period of time, has both hindered and aided the progress of education. (2) Lack of industry has definitely hampered the progress of education. (3) Cooperation of district residents in passing needed referenda has helped the Board of Education in keeping up with ever increasing enrollment. (4) The opening of a parochial school in the district has helped to ease the pressure of increasing enrollments. (5) Intelligent, well informed# and civic minded boards of education, using all available resources, worked cooperatively in aiding the progress of education. The evidence, as presented, indicated that all five hypotheses were acceptable.


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